Demonstrative Exhibits

We produce demonstrative exhibits that transform complex subject matter into something easily and instantly understandable through the use of compelling visuals.

Operational Blind Spots Exhibit Example

Powerpoint Presentations

Take your case presentation to the next level with a professionally-designed slideshow.

Microsoft Powerpoint has become the dominant technology used to provide visual aids in courtroom presentations. However, it is plagued by over-used templates and low quality design.

A poorly constructed Powerpoint is distracting and often counterproductive, causing the jury to either stop listening to your presentation as they read ahead or failing to absorb the emphasis you are trying to place on the subject matter.

We enhance existing Powerpoints or can create a new presentation from scratch with interesting visuals, icons and attention-grabbing interactivity. Having a professional design your presentation will help you to present with a more competent and professional image.

Powerpoint Logo


Every case tells a story, and every story has a timeline.

The Living Exhibit™ is our brand of custom-built timelines. They tell the story by visually synthesizing and efficiently presenting the evidence in a case. Timelines are extremely useful and highly effective in maintaining the judge and jury’s attention while reinforcing case themes clearly and succinctly.

We build timelines for their end use, so what we deliver depends on what you need. Printed, digital or embedded into a Powerpoint, we build solutions for every requirement. From simple to complex, a Living Exhibit grows with your case.

With the more comprehensive interactive approach, the timeline is electronically displayed and its content layered with ready access to more detailed data, graphics and video segments. Content can be displayed in its entirety or a build-as-you-go feature is available which allows the timeline to grow as the case is presented.

Living Exhibit Timeline  Example Schematic

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