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A settlement brochure is a preview of a jury’s journey through discovering the truth about what happened, who was negligent, what damage was caused, and what the law prescribes in terms of just compensation.

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The most important document in any case is the deposit slip.

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What is a Settlement Brochure?

Available in a wide variety of formats, our settlement brochures capture the key evidence in your case, allowing you to present confidently and secure the maximum compensation your client deserves.

Either as a linear video documentary, an interactive PDF E-Brochure, or PowerPoint presentation, the brochure is produced for brevity, completeness and persuasiveness. It goes to the other side in advance, to the mediator and possibly the judge, to educate all parties as to the key evidence in the case pertaining to liability, causation and damages.

Capitalizing on our expertise and experience of synthesizing and creatively weaving the evidence, our clients reap the returns on producing superior case presentations, which enhance their effort to get their cases settled, even remotely.

We’ve mastered how to produce a settlement brochure, and pioneered fresh approaches, embracing and applying advances in technology. Each time we’re engaged, we approach the case as if it were our own. We consider it a privilege to join your team and your effort to rigorously advocate on behalf of your client.

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Settlement Brochure Process Flow Chart

What is the process?

The first step in creating a settlement brochure is to gather the evidence. This includes key documents, known as hot docs, and key testimony. Each document is treated by selecting callouts and highlights and they are then placed in chronological order. This is when the story of the case begins to emerge. Other exhibits are also identified, such as videos, photos, charts or graphs.

The page and line designations are taken from important depositions and if a video exists, it is synced with the transcript to automate the clipping process. Additionally, we often conduct interviews with clients, experts, treating health care providers or other relevant witnesses. This can either be on-location or over the internet. These recordings are for settlement purposes only and are generally considered work product. They are therefore not discoverable. However, we do not take this for granted and close attention is paid to what is captured.

Once all of this has been done, we prepare a case narrative that takes the form of a script that contains all of the relevant information. We then produce the demonstratives and the settlement brochure is assembled, reviewed, tested, edited and finally distributed.

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