Trial Support

Who is sitting in your hot seat? We support our clients with practical technologies so they can focus on best representing their clients.

Courtroom Evidence Presentation System

Courtroom Evidence Presentation System Schema

Trial Support

Because you want a highly-skilled expert behind you when you stand before the jury.

Pre-Trial Preparation

We create and maintain the trial evidence database.

  • Exhibits: Documents viewed and call-outs provided instantaneously
  • Video Depositions: Synced, edited and scrubbed with nearly instant revisions

Trial Evidence Presentation System

We bring state-of-the art technology to the courtroom for efficient and seemless presentation of the evidence to the judge and/or jury:

  • Pre-Trial Courtroom Technology Survey and Integration of Presentation System
  • Complete Package Including Laptop, Backup Computer, Projector, Document Camera and Source Switcher (Zoom Integration Possible)
  • ‘Hot Seat’ Expert Technician
  • Technical Support for Ad-Hoc War Room

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